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Seven days of silence, can you imagine? She was small for her age,  a mere 16 years old but pregnant. For  years, her brother and "caring" uncle had  repeatedly sexually abused her. One day,  she  became  pregnant. That  is  when  I  met her. Medani was sent by court order to  Ma-Sevana,  a  home for  mothers  aged  10-18 who were victims of rape or incest  in  Sri  Lanka.  While  this  place  would protect her, she had been taken  from her home, friends, education... her  childhood. The result was seven days of  silence and absent,  longing stares that  could not be overcome by any amount  of counseling.  

However, there  was a  glimmer of  hope, and it came in the form of small  glass beads. Medani took an interest in  sorting and stringing the colorful beads  I  brought  to  Ma-Sevana  to  start  an  income-generating  project  for  her  and  other  girls like  her. After  one day  of  beadwork, she spoke. Three weeks later,  she became a leader in the home, helping  other  girls  create  beautiful  beadwork. Medani taught me to see people  for their strengths rather than for their  troubles. She proved that even the most  abused  can be  active, especially  when  pursuing  something  that  they  find  meaningful.  

Medani is  one of 32 girls  I have  worked  with through  Emerge. Emerge  supports these teenage mothers in creating and selling jewelry as a means of financial  empowerment  and  personal  transformation. It fosters creativity, selfexpression  and self-worth.  Girls create  unique jewelry for export and I sell the  jewelry in the US with the profits returning  to  their bank  accounts  in  Sri  Lanka. Emerge has supported these vulnerable  girls  in generating  the  money  and  skills  needed to  build  strong  futures. With confidence, seed money, and  knowledge  of  how  to  leverage  that  money, I plan to make sure Medani and  many others will never have to be silent  again.  


updated: 12 years ago