Universal Awakening

Saturday, January 7, 2006

and January 8th

Lawrence Kansas

Tools for Awakening with Himayat Inayati

The Oaks

Lawrence Kansas

phone: 785 863 2857 / 785 979 4682

$150 postmarked by December 26th; $180 after 12/26/05

There are many aspects of modern life that numb our connection to inner and outer life, diminishing our ability to quicken our potentiality and to manifest our lifes purpose.  Whether we suffer from stress in our jobs and professional lives, from strains and rifts in our relationships with others, or simply from a sense of not finding fulfillment in life, its possible to experience the pain of separation from our truest sense of self, from our community of family and friends, and from the sacred.

There are many modes of awakening.  In this workshop, participants will be given tools that will help them awaken to the dynamics of the subtle heart, to the nature of the soul and to their relationship with the sacred.  As individuals awaken, they become aware of the unity of all of life and develop a deep appreciation for the unique contribution that each individual and community makes to the whole.

The Tools for Awakening presented in this workshop are for everybody because awakening is available regardless of ones religious or spiritual path.  These tools are designed to help participants more consciously relate to and support their awakening process, thereby having a life of enjoyment and fulfillment.

You are invited to awaken to greater dimensions of inner and outer life through:

Understanding the dynamics of the subtle heart
Realizing the nature of the soul
Exploring your relationship with sacred community
Experiencing the unity of life

Himayat Inayati Th.D., is an international spokesperson for Universal Awakening, a global initiative to awaken humanity to the sacredness within all of life.  His work, which offers a truly universal perspective of the sacred, is rooted in the teachings of the great world spiritual traditions and is informed by modern science and postmodern thought.  Himayats style of teaching is lucid, practical, experientially based, and humorous.  Founder of the Raphaelite Work, a method of spiritual healing that utilizes presence, breath, and touch, Himayat is a catalyst for the transformational process in others.  He has presented training on mysticism and spiritual healing in fourteen countries around the world. And over the past 30 years, he has fostered an ongoing dialogue between spirituality and science centered on healing and transformational consciousness through numerous symposiums, conferences, and workshops.  Himayat was the international head of The Sufi Healing Order from 1979  2005.
Contact 828.683.1219, office@universal-awakening.org for further information

Registration:  Cost $150 until December 26th; $180 after December 26th

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