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Universal Awakening (UA) seeks to build a truly inclusive, global community, (while appreciating the essential beauty and contributions of each and all of life's communities), welcoming individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, genders, races, and religious traditions who believe that life is sacred and who wish to develop within themselves an ever-greater capacity for compassion, awareness, wisdom, leadership, and service. UA is served by individuals and organizations who wish to catalyze, facilitate and nurture awakening to sacred relationship and the fulfillment of life.

Now is the time to schedule your personal retreat with Himayat Inayati for fall or winter 2017. Also click the link for an UPDATE on personal retreats with Himayat Inayati. http://www.universal-awakening.org/calendar

November 10 -12, 2017 Himayat at Rising Tide International, Sarasota, Florida

You may download the content of each session in a document at the bottom of this page.

Article by Himayat Inayati, Reaffirming A Sacred Ecology in the Post-modern World, available for download at The Meeting Place or on this page below.

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