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Universal Awakening

Universal Awakening

Universal Awakening


To realize the totality is continually awakening to itself and how we participate in that process.

Events 2021
Universal Awakening is a meta-movement that supports the development of greater harmony, creativity, and fulfillment at the individual, community, and global levels.

Universal Awakening attunes to and supports the many unique individual and communal expressions of the sacred present in the world today.

Universal Awakening welcomes individuals and organizations that resonate, with its mission, and who desire to join a global network to consciously link humanity through presence, dialogue, and collaboration.

Universal Awakening presents an opportunity to examine humanity's responsibility and avenues of action toward a more broadly compassionate approach to issues concerning our global community. It serves to support humanity in awakening to the divinity within all and orients us to our creativity and our ability to be part of the change we seek in our world.

Universal Awakening is a meeting place for disparate communities and individuals. It encourages integral dialogue where divergent views can synthesize, evoking fresh avenues of action. Here, opportunities for creative solutions to critical issues can be explored through many different perspectives.

Universal Awakening is a possibility for something new.
Universal Awakening is Life seeking to know Itself and to
realize Its fulfillment through conscious relationship.