Universal Awakening

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

to Sunday, June 7, 2009

Awakening In the Desert, A Five Day Retreat Led By Himayat Inayati

Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Since the beginning of time humans sought spiritual renewal through contemplation in the desert.  Their aspirations have been nurtured by the austere beauty of the desert.  The awe filled encounter with the stars and the galaxies present in the desert night strongly beckoned their souls and the etheric atmosphere of the desert purified their minds and hearts.  Spiritual retreat is stepping outside of normative life to allow the unessential to die, making room for a fuller embodiment of the soul. There is a Sufi saying "Die before death and resurrect now!"  "Awakening in the Desert" will be a retreat process at the 26,000 desert acres of Ghost Ranch. This event will support awakening to your true nature, awakening to sacred community, and awakening to the Divine Desire as expressed through the totality of life. We hope you will join us at what promises to be a threshold experience!

Himayat Inayati Th.D., a well-known teacher of Sufism, is also an international spokesperson for Universal Awakening, a global initiative to awaken humanity to the sacredness within all of life.  His work, which offers a truly universal perspective of the sacred, is rooted in the teachings of the great world spiritual traditions and is informed by current research in science.  Himayat's style of teaching is lucid, practical, and experientially based.  Founder of the Raphaelite Work, a method of spiritual healing that utilizes presence, breath, and touch, Himayat is a catalyst for the transformational process in others. Himayat served as the international head of The Sufi Healing Order for twenty years.

Ghost Ranch is located in the midst of some of earth's most beautiful scenery.  The retreat center is located within 90 minutes of numerous sites including the grave of Sufi Murshid Sam Lewis at the Lama Foundation, the historic towns of Santa Fe and Taos, and Bandolier National Monument.  

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