Universal Awakening

Saturday, January 4, 2014

and January 5, 2014, 10 am to 5 pm each day

Realizing Peace, Harmony, and Fulfillment in an Incessantly Changing World

Odyssey Community School, 90 Zillicoa Street, Asheville, North Carolina 28801

Realizing Peace, Harmony & Fulfillment in an Incessantly Changing World

In this workshop we will explore insights and outlooks of the Raphaelite Work™ with its founder, Himayat Inayati.

Today’s world is changing so fast and offers so many challenges both collectively and personally, that contemporary life can be experienced by many as a crisis, with no clear sense of where they are going or why. Disorienting and alarming as such a time may seem, it can also initiate a fresh outlook, a new beginning, and a positive change-for the planet, the nation, the community and, of course, the individual. Such a critical time is best navigated with creativity, an experience of inner freedom and space, and with the felt ability to employ personal choice with clarity and optimism.

The Raphaelite Work™, developed by Himayat many years ago as a means of healing self and others, offers tools that empower individuals with a direct experience of inner freedom and space. It supports individual transformation and healing processes, and nurtures clarity in consciously creating a more coherent, fulfilling and healthy life.

During this two-day workshop with Himayat, we will practice compassionate presence, natural breath, somatic inquiry and strengthen our capacity to hold cognitive dissonance. We will hone these tools to explore the threshold of perceived personal limits and the power of divine witness to catalyze and transform our unique human experience.

To register, please send your check for $125 to John Johnson, PO Box 17578, Asheville, North Carolina 28816.    If you plan to register at the workshop, please send an e-mail to office@universal-awakening.org with your intent to attend.  For more information, call (828) 713–1832.

Himayat has taught mysticism and spiritual healing in 14 different countries. He is the founder and president of Universal Awakening, and is Headmaster of the Odyssey Community School . Himayat presently facilitates the Sufi Education Concentration, an on-line discussion regarding spirituality and education with Ruhaniat and Sufi Order preschool–college educators.

Comments from previous seminar participants:

“Himayat’s teaching is lucid, accessible, and humorous, always orienting the ancient mystical teaching of the major world spiritual traditions toward solutions of contemporary issues.”

“Doing practices and cultivating awareness with his support feels natural, practical, and fun. Just one thing he mentioned has supported my growth all year.”

“Himayat is an inspiring leader and healer with a depth of soulfulness and brilliant ability to teach healing and spirituality.”

“He creates transformative workshops that expand your inner dimension. You will undoubtedly learn useful things and acquire useful skills but the main thing you will uncover is often unexpected, soft and sweet, something that has always been part of you but was hidden.”

”Presence…is there anything more compelling? I know of no other way to describe what possesses me to spend an entire weekend with a group of people to be guided by Himayat through a series of elegantly simple and profoundly nurturing transformational breath-based practices. I’m always amazed by the experience of reconnection with creativity, joy and peace that I take home from each gathering with Himayat.”

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