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Friday, April 24, 2015

through April 26, 2015 (Session 1 - see full dates below)

Awakening the Sacred Mystery

Overland Park, Kansas

Awakening the Sacred Mystery
Sufi Teaching on Personal Evolution and Healing

2 Year Mentorship Program and Certification with Sufi teacher Himayat Inayati, M.S.,Th.D.

“Himayat's teaching is lucid, accessible, and humorous, always orienting the ancient
mystical teaching of Sufism toward solutions of contemporary issues.“

You are invited to study with this work no matter what your religion or spiritual path, the only requisite being a sincere heart.

You will learn how to:

  • Initiate your personal evolution and personal healing through presence.
  • Realize your suffering as a great initiation.
  • Awaken to the mystery of your true self.
  • Facilitate others in personal healing and awakening through the Divine Presence within.

This program is for those who are beckoned to go ever deeper into a process of self-revelation that culminates in an awakening to the Divinity that has always resided within.


Each session is 3 full days over the weekend in Kansas City metro area. There are 2 sessions per year with mentorship groups between sessions. Space is limited so reserve your spot today! Call Himayat 828-713-1832 (You may download a flyer with full information at the bottom of this page as well as a document outlining the content of each session.)


“He creates transformative workshops that expand your inner dimension. You will undoubtedly learn useful things and acquire useful skills but I have found that the main thing you will uncover is often unexpected, soft and sweet. Something that has always been part of you but was hidden.” – J. Buechel, New York

"I love the attunement that Himayat brings. Doing practices and cultivating awareness with his support feels natural, practical, and fun. Just one thing he mentioned has supported my growth all year. I look forward to his next visit!" - J. D’Addario, Wa.

“Himayat is an inspiring leader and healer with depth of usefulness and brilliant ability to teach healing and spirituality.” - D. Waugh, Vancouver, B.C.

DATES 2015-2016

Session 1 – April, 24, 25, 26

Session 2 - September 25, 26,27

Session 3 – Spring 2016 TBD

Session 4 – Fall 2016 TBD


Dr. Jonah Yakel’s in Corporate Woods

9200 Indian Creek Parkway, Building 9, Suite 187

Overland Park, KS 66207



Space is limited so reserve your spot today!
Call Himayat 828-713-1832


Pay as you go $350 per session

Pay 2 sessions $600 (discount $200)

Pay 4 sessions $1100 (discount $300)


PayPal - Credit cards must be processed one week prior to event through PayPal.

Pay Universal Awakening, use office@universalawakeing.org Purchase: “KC Tuition”.

Check - Make payable to: Universal Awakening / Mail checks to:

Universal Awakening,

PO Box 17578

Asheville, NC 28816

About Himayat

Himayat Inayati, M.S., Th.D., has been a member of the Sufi Order International since 1972. He was the international head of The Sufi Healing Order for 20 years, and taught Sufi mysticism and healing in 14 countries. He is the founder of The Raphaelite Work ™, a method of healing and transformational process rooted in Sufism and updated by modern psychology, neuro-physiology, and body work, and is also the founder and president of Universal Awakening, www.universal-awakening.org. While primarily a student of the teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Himayat has also been an avid student of Ibn al Arabi since 1975. He lives in Leicester, North Carolina where he co-leads Light of the Mountains Retreat Center with his wife Shahida Whitney.

“This is not my body, this is the temple of god”
-- Hazrat Inayat Khan

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