Universal Awakening

Friday, January 20, 2006

to January 23

Santa Fe New Mexico

Fifth International Conference on Enlightenment

Santa Fe New Mexico

website: www.bizspirit.com/TriCon/enlightenment/e_index.html

   "One of the most basic human experiences, one that is genuinely universal and unites -- or, more precisely, could unite -- all of humanity, is the experience of transcendence in the broadest sense of the word."
   -- Vclav Havel, former President, Czech Republic

   In 1999, we launched the International Conference on Science and Consciousness. This unique conference is a forum for the exploration of consciousness from the scientific and spiritual perspectives.

   At the end of the first conference, Jeffrey Mishlove, President of the Intuition Network and host of Public Televisions Thinking Allowed, said There has been a tendency for conferences that have the name science in the title to be very much in the head, and to have a kind of competitive edge, which scientists often have. But this event was very whole, very heart centered and very much needed by our culture at this time.

   The International Conference on Enlightenment has evolved from this foundation. This conference will explore in a thoughtful manner the myriad of experiences that we call 'enlightenment.'

   Each of us has experienced an enlightened state of consciousness at some time in our lives. Sometimes it can happen quite on its own, and come to us as a surprise. Sometimes people seek it out. It can be augmented through ingesting a substance, be the result of years of diligent discipline or happen by Grace. It is at the root of every spiritual and religious tradition.

   People are having experiences now that are not explained by the old scientific paradigm, and we are called to reconsider our cultural view of reality.

   This will be a gathering of incredible people, some traveling from the other side of the world to be part of this experience. As much happens outside of the formal sessions as during them.

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