Universal Awakening

Thursday, May 26, 2016

3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Awakening To Fulfillment In Life Retreat (May 26 -29)

Bentlager Bio – Hof 48432 Rheine/Germany Sandkuhle 40

Awakening To Fulfillment In Life Retreat May 26 -29

You were not born to simply live and then die! Your destiny is to find fulfillment in life by awakening to the deepest truth, the clearest sense of reality resting as a pearl hidden in your soul. You are meant to realize the fulfillment of your being, to manifest your true self. Each of us brings to this world a unique message from beyond and each of us leaves a unique fragrance, the perfume of our being, in our passing.

Using practices of The Raphaelite Work TM our retreat together will explore the path of the fulfillment, and give practices to nurture this fulfillment as a reality in your life. If you desire to realize more meaning within your personal or professional life this retreat is for you.

It is open for all. Knowledge of the Raphaelite Work is not required, only curiosity and interest.


Himayat Inayati, M.S., Th.D, has been studying Universal Sufism for forty- three years. He received the transmission of Pir Vilayat Khan, and

Murshid Samuel Lewis. He served as internationl leader of the Sufi Healing Order for twenty years. His entire professional life has been involved with healing, health care, and the education of children. He served as the board chair of The Waters of Life Health Clinic in Leicester, N.C. He created twenty seven conferences addressing the evolution of spirituality and science in education and health care. He founded Universal Awakening (www.Universal-Awakening.org) and The Raphaelite Work (www.TheRaphaeliteWork.com). He also developed two different schools for children: Rainbow Community School (http://rainbowcommunityschool.org) and Odyssey Community School (www.odysseycommunity.org) both in Asheville, North Carolina. With his wife Shahida, Himayat leads personal retreats at Light of the Mountains Retreat Center.

Himayat speaks English and is translated into German.


Thursday, 26th of May, beginning at 3pm until Sunday, 29th of May, ending at 2 pm. Place:
Bentlager Bio – Hof

48432 Rheine/Germany Sandkuhle 40.


The Seminar fee is 260 €. (not including accommodation and food).
Accomodation has to be booked by yourself independently. We will assist you. Food: self-supply or we may organize a catering-service if most participants agree with that before. th Registration by paying 100 € before 20 of March is mandatory.The seminar only takes place, if it is booked out with 20 people. This is very important for Himayat to be able to book his flight from the USA in time. th In case of your withdrawal after the 20 of March, the 100 € will be kept as cancellation, if your place cannot be filled by someone else.

If the Seminar cannot take place all payment will be refunded.

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