Universal Awakening

Saturday, September 16, 2006


"Emergent Spirituality & Social Transformation" with Himayat Inayati

Bothell, WA

Spirituality is an expression of human interaction with both the depth and the breadth of the field of life. As such it obviously cannot be something separate from life. In fact one might say it is the essence and fulfillment of life. Spirituality emerges afresh each instant.  Its present state is evoked by the need of the moment and the longing of the future.

Emergent Spirituality & Social Transformation is a two-day intensive that beckons us to collaborate with others in the greater web of being - to awaken to the sacred and nurture the fulfillment of personal and collective life. It offers participants an orientation to support transformation - individual, organizational, and societal - through the application of an integral map of human development and a compass pointing toward greater life.  The dynamics of presence, activation,awakening, buddh, vibration, creative imagination, spiritual realization, concentration, and manifestation will be explored. All are welcome, no matter their spiritual path, their path of social change, or their chosen lack thereof. What will be presented is not a spiritual nor an activist path but the essence of activation through spirituality.  No one need leave or join anything! Each is called to awaken more deeply to Reality.  Each is invited to plant their feet firmly on their chosen path and open their hearts, minds, and arms, to nurture the totality of life in its fulfillment.

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