Universal Awakening

Friday, September 1, 2006

Universal Awakening Local Chapters

This is a partial listing of Universal Awakening events.  Please see the contact names and e-mail addresses below for Local UA Chapters if you do not see information for your area.  You may also want to check back at this location for updates.

Germany - Wahaba Bergman, info@institut-ibis.de
New Zealand - Mary Dwen, papuamaru@ihug.co.nz
Ohio - Joan Leppla, jleppla@neo.rr.com
Texas - Diane Weiner, RavaniRah@aol.com
Washington - Margot Richardson, pearlwillson9@yahoo.com
Rhode Island - Jurate Calis, juratec@cox.net ,  
or Maryann O'Halloran, ma-ohalloran@cox.net
North Carolina - Peggy Baldwin, peggy@loydartists.com

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