Universal Awakening

Monday, July 3, 2006


Sacred Dialogue - Sacred Relationship

LaSalindre in Southern France

phone: Universal Awakening, 828-683-1219

A note from Munira Johne, Sabine.Johne@nwn.de

Himayat will lead a six day retreat on "Sacred Dialogue-Sacred Relationship"
in Southern France from July 3 - 8 2006.  Munira Johne, Daena Maria Bernhold, and Tansen Mundt welcome Himayat and all participants for the retreat in La Salindre Retreat Center - a garden of the soul. We are building up this place for individual and group retreat and for vacations in the peacefulness of unspoiled nature.  We are building the center in an atmosphere of openness and respect for the inspiration of the various spiritual traditions and for each person's own authentic path as well as a refuge place for people in times of transition who need to find new orientation.  Originally a Benedictine monastery founded in the 12th century, the old manor house is situated in the French Cevennes mountains, not far from the Mediterranean sea.

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