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Keys to the Divine Treasury Fall 2019

al-asmâ' wa'l-sifât

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An In-depth Study of al-asmâ' wa'l-sifât
(The Divine Names and Attributes)

“There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the Hearing, the Seeing”

“You should be characterized by the characteristics of God most high.”

“God reported about Himself that He possesses two relationships: a relationship with the cosmos through the divine names which affirm the entities of the cosmos, and the relationship of His independence from the cosmos. In respect of His relationship of independence, He knows Himself and we know Him not.”
Ibn al Arabi

"Adam was created according to the Attributes of God - living, knowing, willing, powerful, hearing, seeing and speaking. Since Reality appears outwardly through form, the term has been applied figuratively to the Names and Qualities; for through them God appears in external reality.

“You should know that ‘being on the way’ involves refining one’s character, actions, and knowledge, and that means being occupied with one’s formation, externally and interiorly . . . in preparation for ‘arriving.’ The one who ‘arrives’ is one to whom the clarity of truth is revealed and who has become immersed in it.”
Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

“By actuating the divine nature in my personality, I confer upon God a mode of existence.”
Sahl at-Tustari

“Just as God gave the cosmos the name wujud, which belongs to Him in reality, so also He gave it the most beautiful names through its preparedness and the fact that it is a locus of manifestation for Him.”
Ibn al Arabi

“He also might say: ‘The beautiful meanings of God the most high, for the things named are meanings, and of course there are many of them.”
Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Our online classes are offered through two alternate online class series,"Love, Harmony and Beauty" and "Keys To the Divine Treasury." Our past "Love, Harmony and Beauty" series attended to the teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan on the divine names, the wazaif. Our upcoming class addreses the teaching of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali and Muy al-Dn ibn al-Arab, also on the divine names and attributes - al-asmâ' wa'l-sifât. Al-Ghazali’s book The Ninety Nine Beautiful Names Of God (Al-Maqsad al-asna fi sharh asma Allah al-husna) is the first book on this topic translated into English. Ibn al-Arabi, born forty-five years after Al-Ghazali’s death, was greatly informed by the earlier master’s teaching and went on to write his own book, “Unveiling the Secret of the Most Beautiful Names “, (Kashf al-ma'na 'an sirr asma Allah al-husna). To date these are the only two such texts from the ancient masters in our lineage on the wazaif translated into English. Consequently, we will use these as primary texts for this class.

Written lessons will be posted, along with practice (including an audio tape of the practices), every two weeks. This allows time to read, do the practices, ask questions or make comments - and enter into dialogue with other class participants and Himayat. Six lessons and practices on the divine names and attributes, three offering the teaching of each teacher, will be explored and applied in a manner to further your personal process of spiritual growth.

The lessons are designed to offer easy access to learn and practice the teaching of Al-Ghazali and Ibn al-Arabi on the divine names and attributes. Participants can enter the class whenever it is convenient to do so. They can print out the lessons, practices, comments and questions to review and reflect upon at a date after the class ends.

The Names are categorized into three layers: essence, attributes, and action. Infinite in their relational possibilities and manifestations, they are the infrastructure of the Cosmos and of your fitra, your innate disposition. Emerging out of the Divine love to be known they are the ultimate veils that pierced by the "the love to be known" bring us to the essence of Divine Reality.

Come, join our exploration of al-asmâ' wa'l-sifât!

Class Reviews:

"It is some years ago now, that I joined Himayat's online community, and I am deeply grateful for this connection. One thing which I really appreciate is the fact that he puts a lot of time and energy and love to condense the teachings in a digestible form and offers written material, where I can go back to certain points again and again, reread important quotes and explanations, make notes etc., which would be impossible with only audio or video teachings. Plus I love his practices, which have an amazing subtlety and variety and are drawn from the ancient Sufi tradition as well as our own lineage. And I feel greatly supported by the discussions with other participants and Himayat in the online forums. It helps to stay connected, to learn from other's experiences and insights, and also their struggles. And I appreciate Himayat's profound answers to our questions and his ability to address the question behind the obvious questions.

The Buddhists speak of three jewels on the path - the teacher, the teachings and the sangha (community of fellow seekers). All three are present in Himayat's courses."

Nurunnahar Dengg, Vienna, Austria

“There are many reasons I signing up for Himayat’s online classes: the inspiring readings we contemplate and discuss, the exquisite accompanying meditations, the camaraderie of fellow travelers on the path from around the globe, the many “flashes” and “openings” along the way.

Our “classroom” experiences together – spaces of nuance, subtlety, beauty, and new understandings – demonstrate the fresh revelations held in each moment as described by one of the greatest Sufis, Ibn al-Arabi. These studies exercise the mind and nourish the soul.

Lakshmi Barta-Norton, Providence, Rhode Island

"Part of the explorations Himayat leads bring out the great truths of the ancient Sufis and introduce core concepts of these deep esoteric teachings. Such teachings are difficult to grasp without a guide whose teaching supports and encourages deeper attunement and understanding of their wisdom. A guide is needed who has deeply experienced these truths in their own path, and who can articulate them. I have found great inspiration for my own path in these classes, and hopefully a foundation is beginning to develop in me for delving much more deeply into this wisdom in the future.

The virtual community that develops from this is a great service and holding for spiritual life. The classes become portals that connect, sustain, hold and contain the immensity of our spiritual awakening. We are fortunate to live in an age where such wisdom can be shared so widely."

Sylvia Surya Mann, London, England

Course duration: September 13- December 8th, 2019
Registration Ends: August 30, 2019

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