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Our class will be on Shuhud. Of this Hazrat Inayat Khan said: “When one is conscious of the Shuhud part of our being, then in all conditions of life -- however troublesome and difficult, and under all situations -- the spirit is rich, powerful, contented, and peaceful. How is this consciousness of Shuhud attained? By closing our eyes to our limited self and by opening our heart to God . . . Who is all perfection, Who is in Heaven and on earth and Who is within and without, the God Who is All in all, Who is visible, tangible, audible, perceptible, intelligible, and yet beyond man's comprehension. . .It is the consciousness of the God Who is never absent which gives that illumination, that riches, that strength, that calm and peace to the soul.”

The topics to be covered will be:

  1. The Light of Divine Intelligence
  2. Mushahada - The Witness
  3. The Development of Space - Indifference and Independence
  4. Riding The Wild Winds Of The Interactions Of Inner And Outer Life With Balance
  5. Love - Human and Divine
  6. Shuhud - The Dervish In The Marketplace

These six lessons will be posted, with written practices (including an audio tape of the practices), once every two weeks. This will allow time to read, do the practices, ask questions or make comments - entering into dialogue with the other class participants and Himayat. The lessons and practices of this class will be explored and applied in ways that address concerns of our time and further your personal process of spiritual growth - and you can enter the class whenever convenient for you!

These classes are designed to offer easy access to the lessons and practices. Participants can enter the class whenever convenient for them, print out the lessons and practices to retain for future refection, as well as read comments and questions from other participants and add their own.

The Fall Class Dates: September 1st, 2018 – November 24th, 2018
Tuition: $185.00
Registration Ends: August 17th, 2017

Class Reviews –

For the past three years, Himayat’s online classes have been a lifeline for me. He extracts the quintessential essence from the teachings of Sufi masters and distills it into his lessons. The practices he assigns are nectar that feeds my soul. The international online forum and teleconferences provide connection and enrich the teachings as other students share their journeys. I have Multiple Sclerosis and live in the country, so I am somewhat isolated. The classes provide needed structure and community.

The last Love, Harmony, and Beauty series of classes was transformative for me. I was having a severe MS relapse. I told Himayat that I felt snake bit by my illness. He encouraged me to feel Hazrat Inayat Kahn walking beside me. I formed a very intimate connection with Murshid and a deeper realization of God. I eagerly await the next set of classes in this series!

Zahira Cynthia Hemenway

I highly recommend you consider joining us in Himayat's next online class in his “Love, Harmony and Beauty” series. I have been traveling with him and other classmates since he began offering online classes and can say without reservation that his last class in this series titled “Kashf”, an in depth exploration of Inayat Khan and Pir Vilayat's teachings on the subject, was a transcendent, transformative, inspiring and ultimately life fulfilling experience. Himayat distilled for us the quintessence of the essence of the divine intention at the heart of the spiritual journey. The combination of Murshid and Pir Vilayat’s words, the invocation and their resultant presence, Himayat's illuminating commentary, and the practices he prescribed for each section, provided the opportunity to experience, be in, the actual stages of the mystical journey from the "call to return", to the realization of the Divine Witness.

The class was as if being on a retreat for twelve weeks! Having returned to these classes over the last two weeks, rereading all of the material, the discussion, comments and questions of the other members of the class, and again doing the practices, I remain deeply appreciative of the service Himayat is providing us.

Kalimi Marshall

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