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Himayat Inayati

Divine Light

Lotus growing toward the sun

کنت کنزاً مخفیاً فأحببت أن أعرف فخلقت الخلق لکی أعرف

“I was a Treasure unknown then I loved to be known so I created a creation to which I made Myself known; then they knew Me.” Hadith Qudsi

“The first thing Allah created was the light of your Prophet from His light . . . and when Allah wished to create creation, he divided that Light . . . into everything else.” Hadith

“The reason for His likening His Light to the lamp . . .is to impart to us . . . knowledge about Himself. First, He makes us manifest through His light, and then He makes Himself known to us.” Ibn al Arabi

“All life is the divine light and the whole creation is made of that light, which is the light of God, has its evidence in all forms of creation.:” Hazrat Inayat Khan

“. . . one begins to develop that divine light which expands itself, throwing itself upon life, making the whole of life a scene of the divine sublimity.” Hazrat Inayat Khan

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and (my burden is light).” Jesus

This course will introduce you to the "Misbah al-Asrar", a commentary on the Qur'anic Light Verse by Isma'il Dede (d.1631 C.E.), sheikh of the Mawlawi Order in Istanbul. This book was the result of Isma'il Dede's seeking the mysteries hidden within the Light Verse. He considered Hamid al-Ghazali's "Mishkat al-Anwar" to be a brilliantly philosophical treatise that completely missed the mystical mysteries of this verse. Therefore he felt the need to write the "Misbah al-Ansar" so that these inner dimensions became available as spiritual guidance for interested dervishes. Our course will explore his commentary in a manner that clarifies and deepens personal practice while nurturing our resilience as we address the burdens of life.

Written lessons will be posted, along with pertinent practices (including an audio tape of the practice), every other week, allowing time to read, reflect, do the practices, ask questions or make online comments, and enter into a written dialogue with class participants from around the world as well as with Himayat. Participants can enter the class whenever it is convenient to do so and can print off the lessons and class material to review after the class ends. There will be three international Zoom sangha sessions scheduled on Sundays, 1 PM (Eastern USA time).These sessions, although not required, strengthen practice, understanding the lessons, and provide a deepening sense of spiritual community (sangha). There will also be an optional three-day International Class Zoom Retreat scheduled to deepen participants realization of class material. Pods, that are optional, will be created both in the USA and in Germany to support on-going dialogue and reflection with other class participants. All classes and Zoom meetings are given in English and will be translated into German.

Starts April 16th – Ends June 26th, 2022

Registration Ends April 11, 2022

Tuition $195.00

Past Class Reviews:

"It is some years ago now, that I joined Himayat's online community, and I am deeply grateful for this connection. One thing which I really appreciate is the fact that he puts a lot of time and energy and love to condense the teachings in a digestible form and offers written material, where I can go back to certain points again and again, reread important quotes and explanations, make notes etc., which would be impossible with only audio or video teachings. Plus I love his practices, which have an amazing subtlety and variety and are drawn from the ancient Sufi tradition as well as our own lineage. And I feel greatly supported by the discussions with other participants and Himayat in the online forums. It helps to stay connected, to learn from other's experiences and insights, and also their struggles. And I appreciate Himayat's profound answers to our questions and his ability to address the question behind the obvious questions.

The Buddhists speak of three jewels on the path - the teacher, the teachings and the sangha (community of fellow seekers). All three are present in Himayat's courses." Nurunnahar Dengg, Inayatiyya, Vienna, Austria

"I have known Himayat for many years as a gifted teacher with unique insight into the Sufi way, and a wry sense of humor. I recently joined two of his online classes that explored many of the divine qualities from among the 99 names. The material for the classes included essential thematic texts that Himayat culled from some of the classic Sufi teachers. These classes are a virtual spiritual community with participants from all over the world, ranging from newer students to veteran Sufis on the path. I was particularly drawn to the practice of the divine names and the way Himayat had us working with them, which led to a deep experience of their inner flavor, tast, and atmosphere and took us beyond the level of mere verbal intonation or an intellectual explanation of their meaning. I highly recommend these classes for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the Sufi way and share with others on the path." Sheikh Mohammad Jamal Blann, Halveti-Jerrahi

"I have participated in several of Himayat's on-line classes. I find these classes to be very enriching, adding to my growth, awakening and the repository of my spiritual heart. Himayat is an experienced and deep scholar of Sufi Mysticism with a brilliant yet practical mind. Through these classes, participants are guided into the depth of the wisdom of some of the ancient Sufis, many of whom I was unaware of. One thing I love is that Himayat pulls the diamond essence from among thousands of pages of writings of these great Sufis, giving to me teachings that I would never have the time to find or read on my own! The class format is elegant simplicity, first presenting pure teaching, then through commentary revealing secrets hidden in those teachings, and finally offering "motivational attunements" (i.e. practices) allowing us to dive into the depth of the teaching and have our own experience.

Himayat, provides audio instructions for each practice, periodic video Zoom calls to clarify or discuss the teachings and there is also room for participants to share their insights and comments or ask questions via a class 'blog'. During the class I feel that Himayat holds each of its members in his heart and keeps us engaged through regular communication - he does not just post a class and then 'checkout', he is somehow aware and with us all the way through. The classes are easy to access from any device and allow me to work at my own pace. I very much enjoy them.

There is quote from our current class I'd like to share as relevant to what I feel we are doing together in these classes, it comes from Ahmad Sam'ani : 'the experienced must sit next to the experienced, speaking about the grief and happiness of this talk, for both know the worth of the work.' Pir Moinuddin Clarke, Fraternity of Light

Registration: Due by April 11th. Address tuition check of $195.00 to: Universal Awakening, PO Box 1958, Leicester, North Carolina 28748 or by PayPal to Funds submitted by PayPal should be done so as a "Friend", otherwise PayPal takes out a significant processing fee.

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