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Universal Awakening

Ghost Ranch final call for registration

Dear Friends on the Path of the Heart -

For so many, our present time is one of deep concern and anxiety, a time of great cultural and personal contraction. Most of us have never experienced such a time. The Ghost Ranch retreat offers you the possibility of reorienting yourself to a world of freedom, love, and deep expansion of being, truly an antidote to our personal and collective experience of today's world. Ghost Ranch will develop a field of sacred sharing within the group as well as a deepening of our sensibility of the Divine, creating a "felt-resource", a "place of refuge", and a much needed sense of generative possibility at the core of your being.  Besides the teaching, the facilitation, the group interaction, and the personal practice, the desert around Ghost Ranch naturally supports the experience of self cleansing and expansion.

We are at the point where we definitely have to let Ghost Ranch know how many will be coming this June 2 - 7. If you are coming we would appreciate hearing from you by March 1st.

Much love,


You will find further information and a registration form at the link below: