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Dear friend of Universal Awakening,

The April 2006 issue of AWAKENINGS, the newsletter for Universal Awakening, is now available (see download link below). Since an aspect of the UA mission is "to unite humanity in wisdom", and that effort is best supported by sacred dialogue among those who share community, AWAKENINGS is offered as a way of keeping in touch with others in our ever-evolving UA community.

This inaugural issue of AWAKENINGS includes features you won't want to miss:

-- Wonderful and thought-provoking articles by Himayat (one on the nature and mission of UA and another on Sacred Dialogue) and Diane Weiner (new concepts for planning and carrying out local UA events).

-- Interesting information about Tools for Awakening classes and Sacred Dialogue Retreats.

-- A special invitation to join Himayat at Ghost Ranch in the beautiful New Mexico desert for what promises to be an inspiring retreat experience.

-- Organizational news about new offerings from The Meeting Place, UA Interweave, coming UA events, and more.

You can download the newsletter by clicking on the link below, at which time the download should begin automatically. Or, you can paste it into your internet browser. If you have a slow connection, the download will take a few minutes, but it will be well worth your time. Go to this link and click on "Awakenings":

We hope you enjoy this issue. Future issues, with timely articles and newsworthy updates, will be published the first of every month. As always, your feedback, suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated. We encourage you to communicate your feedback not just to us but to all via the comment button on the website page below the newsletter PDF icon.

With warm regards,

UA Editorial Staff

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