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Dear friend of Universal Awakening,

The June 2006 issue of AWAKENINGS, the newsletter for Universal Awakening, is now available (see download link below). Since an aspect of the UA mission is "to unite humanity in wisdom", and that effort is best supported by sacred dialogue among those who share community, AWAKENINGS is offered as a way of keeping in touch with others in our ever-evolving UA community. Be sure to print it out (looks great in color!) . . . and send it on to friends and organizations whom you feel would be interested.

"Awakened Service" is the theme of this issue, and in it you will find three excellent articles dealing with this theme, a report on local chapters, an introduction to a member of the UA board of Advisors, plus a new feature, "The UA Cafe" . . . and more.

To download the newsletter, go to the Newsletter page on the UA web site (link is below). Then click on the PDF icon for "Awakenings, June 2006". If you have a landline connection, the download will take a few minutes.


We hope that you enjoy this issue of AWAKENINGS and that your own journey of awakening is enriched by the contributions of its writers. As always, your feedback, suggestions and ideas for future issues are most welcome. We encourage you to communicate your feedback not just to us but to all via the "Add a Comment" button at the bottom of the Newsletter page.

With warm regards,

UA Editorial Staff

- Peggy Baldwin

- Mary Dohrmann

- David Dohrmann

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