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Emerge Global Update

Two and a half years ago, on a Tsunami-relief trip to Sri Lanka, I witnessed a reality I was not equipped to handle... a reality where young women age 10-18 were cast out of their own families, denied the right to formal education, and locked away for their own protection due to pregnancy resulting from rape or incest. I founded the Emerge Bead Program as a way to provide the tools these girls needed to become confident, respected, self-reliant members of society.

Alia Whitney-Johnson, Director of Emerge Global


Dear Universal Awakening Community,

Emerge is an incredibly dynamic and uplifting gift to our world, one that we can truly feel good about sponsoring as a UA project.  I encourage you to read the letter and brochure found at the UA website through this link.

Please allow yourself to offer an end of the year gift to support these young women and their newborn babies in their unfoldment within a much better world.  All gifts should be addressed to: Universal Awakening, PO Box 17578, Asheville, North Carolina 28816.  In the "for" section of your check write "Emerge".


Emerge has some financial needs to address by January 2008. As this is in the end of our present tax year, it could be a good moment for you to help.  All donations are tax deductible.

Greetings from the heart!

Himayat Inayati



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