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Universal Awakening is developing curriculum on awakening for use by the leaders of local UA chapters or by any other leadership who might find it useful. This curriculum which supports various possibilities of awakening is anchored in key principles articulated in the Universal Awakening mission statement (see https://universal-awakening.org) of awakening to the sacred within and between us; awakening to personal and collective fulfillment; awakening to a greater field of life, and extending and refining realms of consciousness and conscience. To make this effort as catalyzing as possible, we need to know what kind of curricular resources would be most helpful to your work in the awakening of self and others.

At this time we feel that the work of universal awakening is best developed within local communities.  We know that there are groups and gatherings that, each in their own unique manner, are deeply interested and involved in this work  whether it is called universal awakening or not.  Many of these efforts are not based on any particular path, while others are. We are aware of several such examples: seniors yoga classes, men's spirituality groups, Sunday school classes, deep ecology activism groups, service groups, groups oriented around social justice, artist gatherings, and healing circles.  You may find that you are involved in similar adventures or facilitate work that attends to awakening in quite a different way.  At times all who seek to lead or facilitate awakening processes could definitely use curricular resources close at hand.  Please share with us what would be most helpful to you in your work.

Please take a moment to inform us.

Are you involved with a group who might find these materials useful?

Please tell us about your group and the type of materials you would find useful.

Or would you be interested in developing a group in your area?

You may respond via e-mail at:  office@universal-awakening.org

With gratitude,

Peggy Baldwin


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