Universal Awakening

Letter from Himayat Inayati, President, Universal Awakening

Dear Fellow Worker on the Path

This October will mark the three year anniversary of our initial organizational meeting in Asheville. A review of what has been accomplished in that short time is not only necessary but impressive. Not only have we been able to support various seminars, workshops, and retreats, but a particular light has actually been kindled and nurtured in various parts of the world.

At our October 2005 meeting, and in subsequent Universal Awakening board of directors meetings, Universal Awakening as an organized effort of kindred souls, envisioned: the development of tools for individual and collective awakening through workshops, seminars, retreats, on-line classes; the development of an inter-active website; the publishing of an international newsletter; the quickening of a grass-roots initiative through local Universal Awakening chapters;  encouraging new, fresh initiatives aligned with our mission through incubator project program; creating a leadership institute  to initiate and support various modes of awakening leadership; as well as to create a flexible and multi-modal curriculum to meet various needs of our work.  

It is inspiring to note that a series of seminars and retreats have actually unfolded into local activity in Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Canada, and, within the United States, in Washington, Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island. Several successful on-line classes have been offered for both public and UA leadership development. Two major initiatives were launched through our incubator project: Emerge Global and Odyssey Community School. Emerge Global (http://www.emergeglobal.org) offers support to sexually abused teenage mothers in Sri Lanka.  It has become incorporated in both Sri Lanka as a charitable trust and in Massachusetts as a non-profit. It has applied to the IRS for tax exempt status. Odyssey Community School (http://www.odysseycommunity.org) (pre-school through tenth grade) is among the first schools in the United States to offer an integral education model of teaching. It has incorporated as a non-profit in North Carolina and has already received a tax exemption letter from the IRS. Presently, different people in UA are developing curricula to support various awakening enterprises. We have received widespread interest in receiving such a resource from such diverse locations as Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States.

We deeply appreciate your embodiment and support of the UA mission. I would like to ask you to further your support by clicking this link to http://www.JustGive.org, or by earmarking something of your 2008 fall contribution to United Way, or by e-mailing office@universal-awakening.org, or by phoning us at 828-683-1219, and offering a tax deductible donation.  This will allow UA to continue, grow, and flourish.

With deepest appreciation,

Himayat Inayati, President
Universal Awakening, Inc.