Universal Awakening

Ghost Ranch, June 2 - 7, 2009

Dear Friends of The Divine Heart,

I have reflected whether, considering the economy and present state of the world, we should go ahead with our plan to offer a retreat at Ghost Ranch.  The more I have thought about this the more clearly I feel it is right to do so. The anxiety and weight of todays world can either trap us in a  pit of ever deepening stress, dark weight, and a bankruptcy of love, or beckon us to reorient, to return yet once again, to that softness and lightness that offers not only meaning and positive direction to our life but also enthusiasm to once again embrace the possibility of our individual and collective transformation.  

There is something about the atmosphere at Ghost Ranch that calls for the convening of one more group retreat there.  Our past retreats at Ghost Ranch offered a unique alchemy of contemplative depth in the desert, punctuated with moments of communal enrichment at mealtimes, in group walks, and in evening gatherings. Having said that, I hope you will join the rest of us in what promises to be not a reprise of an enriching past but an anticipation of a wondrous and fulfilling future.

Planning well ahead will make this possible for each of us. Please see the registration form on our website.  If you need to have it customized to better meet your needs, please let us know. For those of you planning on coming, may I suggest getting a plane ticket soon?  I have found several good fees that may change upward as the price of oil once again moves upward.

With much love,

Himayat Inayati

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